Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13 (day 9)

This is my space. Daniel and I share this office, but I admit to having taken over most of the space. After a long reorganization last night (and finally getting everything working again!) I have a computer side and behind that the studio side. I dabble in wool felting, embroidery, sewing (hence the newly acquired sewing table which expands for paper cutting too!) paper cutting, graphic design (OK, maybe more then dabble in that, as I am in school for it) painting, drawing, glass etching, silk painting, some random card making (not really too much of scrapbooking, but I have tried it), book binding, paper making...I think that about covers it. Anyway, I do a lot, try a lot, and have a lot of stuff. I love my space. I need storage for fabric, but not sure how to fit that in. I think we will be adding more shelves over the sewing table later this semester (when Container store has their Elfa sale!)  and I might just get bins for the fabric on the shelves.


Annette said...

Very nice and tidy!

Maggie said...

what a great workspace. Love the window.