Saturday, September 29, 2007

I got it, I got it!!! (Day 159)

And my first shot out of the box, fully manual...

Not bad for a third shot (OK, you don't need to see the second!)

And had to throw in one of the boy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

E and the pot (Day 158)

OK, really, that should have been pots! You leave the kid alone for 30 seconds and look what he, the boy is trying to get his career as an Iron Chef going, I guess!

Friday, September 14, 2007

MIL's Invites (Day 157)

My SIL and I have been planning this party for my MIL's 65th birthday, and I am doing the invitations. I LOVE how they turned out and can not wait to mail them Monday...for today, though, you all get to see them!

These will go in a vellum envelope with this part showing in the back.

This is the inside...ribbon comes off and shows the invite info.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My boy (Day 156)

OK, I have not posted in ages. Life just gets in the way...but I am determined to get back to this, and today seems a good day to start. My baby, my last baby, turns ONE today. As of 4.21p, September 13, 2007 Ethan Louis is one year old. He is crusing like crazy, being cute as can be. He has taken a few steps, but no walking. He has mastered the stairs, crawls and pulls up to everything. He loves being outside, taking toys his sister wants and just being a one year old. He can say Mama, Daddy, I think doggy, Nana (Anna) yeah (and sometimes yes)and naanaa (banana). He flips out if you take a toy away from him (espically if it is something he was not supposed to have in the first place!) He is strong willed, into everything and amazing to watch. Making him frustrated is, well, cute. And after a year with this little bundle of love, I can not imagine life any other way.! Yup, had to be cake!