Saturday, May 12, 2007

Go ASTROS! (Day 85)

D and I got a date (it was his birthday gift a few weeks late!) We went o an Astro's game, which we both loved...tooo bad they lost!

The band that did the national anthem...I just loved the shadows as they walked off the field.

Part of our team..I love my 12X zoom...our seats were pretty high!

Just making that field pretty.

OK, the stadium was an old train station, so there is a train on some tracks up high...when we get a home run, the train rolls along. Never moved last night! Oh, and it is Minute Maid park, so the back fo the train is filled with oranges. You can't see that, but I did like the building in the background.


Amanda, aka Dragoness said...

those are great! i love the shadows to! and go astros! i used to live in houston as a kid

Sara said...

I love my 12x zoom for baseball games, too! I go to see the Tigers, though. :o)

Holly said...

That first pic is so great! The shadows really add so much interest to the pic. Way to go!

Rachel said...

Those are neat photos. The shadows are very cool! We're Angels fans here ;) I can't wait to take photos at a game too!

Maggie said...

Love the long shadows. How cool about the train!